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Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony
(Debby Wong/US Presswire)

It’s official, Jeremy Lin will be moving to Texas after the New York Knicks decided not to match the three year $25 million deal, offered by the Houston Rockets.

“It’s up to the organization to say (if) they want to match that ridiculous contract that’s out there,” Carmelo Anthony told the media last Sunday, in an article published by Yahoo! Sports.

Good job to Carmelo for concealing his true feelings about Lin, and coughing up some politically correct response. But what’s even more “ridiculous” than that is Melo’s own hefty three year contract for $64.4 million.

“Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin said, in a Sports Illustrated interview. “But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball … Now I’m definitely relieved.”

Let’s be honest and address the elephant in the room — there just was no chemistry between them. Last season, it seemed as if Melo would rather interact with the washed-up Baron Davis before even acknowledging Lin on the court.

And for a guy who doesn’t like passing the ball and then fails to accept responsibility for losing, I can imagine that there’s others on that team that lack chemistry with Melo, too.

“I would love to see him back honestly, but knowing the business of basketball, it’s kind of a tough situation,” said Melo. “With Jeremy, I know he definitely wants to be back and (James) Dolan definitely wants him back. It’s just a matter of figuring it out.”

I’m sure Lin wanted to remain in New York just as much as Carmelo really wanted him to stay. After all, isn’t it every pro basketball player’s dream to play with an egomaniacal “ball hog” anyways?